Von Nohrfeldt composes cutting-edge avant-garde ambient-techno. The intricate details of acoustic instrumentation are contrasted with digitally generated rhythms and drones. Textures and harmonies are influenced by 20th century classical techniques like atonality, microtones and extended-technique instrument use.

The Von Nohrfeldt ensemble is a futuristic chamber ensemble with classically trained, avant-garde minded, instrumentalists Sydney Sitters (piano), Kim-Jose Bode (recorders, vocals) and a soon to be mentioned new member (cello). The ensemble improvises on the Von Nohrfeldt compositions to keep variety and excitement on the foreground.The live show which will premiere april 19th at SOTU Festival (Amsterdam).

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Reach out and book: Contact@VonNohrfeldt.com | Phone: +31650824571

Background painting by Joeri Lefevre | Design by Rutger Muller